The Secretariat of the Commission is responsible for :

  1. Providing technical advise to the Commission on all matters related to Appointments, Removals, and Disciplining of teachers/lecturers.
  2. Implementing all related decisions made by the Commission and its Committees.
  3. The proper expenditure of Public Funds (voted and statutory) received by the Commission.
  4. The Accuracy of accounts of the Commission.

The Secretariat is comprised of the Accounts Department, Database Unit, Personnel Department and the Registry.


Mr. Ray Bassoo
Secretary of the Teaching Service Commission
Head of Agency/Secretariat

MBA - Edinburgh Napier University - 2020
BSc - Computer Science - University of Guyana - 2005
Appointed Secretary of the Teaching Service Commission with effect from August 02, 2023
Email Address:
Telephone Number: (592)226-3807

The Secretary of the Commission is the officer in charge of the Secretariat. It shall be the duty of the Secretary:

  1. To submit, whether in writing or orally, matters for the decisions of the Commission.
  2. To notify members of the Commission as to the day, time, and place of meetings of the Commission.
  3. To attend meetings of the Commission.
  4. To ensure that all documents and papers relating to any matter being or to be considered by the Commission are made available to the Commission and that all decisions of the Commission are carried out.

The Secretary shall ensure that minutes of all Meetings of the Commission and of all decision arrived at the meeting shall be presented for confirmation by the Commission as soon as practicable and at a subsequent meeting of Indivdual Members on circulation.

Any member of the Commission who dissents from the decision may require that his/her dissent and reasons for dissenting be recorded in the minutes.


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