The Teaching Service Commission consists of four (4) departments, namely the Accounts Department, Database Unit, Personnel Department and the Registry. These Departments execute all the decisions made by the Commission. Executing these decisions ensure that the functions or duties of the Teaching Service Commission are secured. These Departments fall under the Secretariat of the Commission.

Accounts Department

The work of the Finance Department consists mainly of month-to-month routine matters and the preparation of the Annual Estimates of Expenditure, answers to Audit Queries and any special tasks which may arise from time-to-time for the Accountant General, Secretary to the Treasury, Office of the President, Public Service Management.

Officer in charge of Department : Sharon George, Accountant.
Telephone Numbers : (592) 225-3316, (592) 226-2215, (592) 226-9079. Ext.: 230

Database Unit

The main function of the Database Unit is ensuring that all teacher's information throughtout the nation are updated correctly. There are two ways in which this is done:

Firstly, within the Teaching Service Commission, all Teacher's files which have correspondence or matters for processing are automatically updated once the correspondence or matters are completed by the Personnel Department.
Secondly, periodically visits are made througthout the year. Visits are made at the various Headteachers' Meetings throughout the country, where we carry out "Teacher Data Verification" exercise.

Officer in charge of Department : Ray Bassoo, Systems Analyst.
Telephone Number: (592) 227-6207

Personnel Department

The Personnel Department functions are to process all matters concerning teachers and to ensure that these matters that are processed are carried to its logical conclusion.

Continuous on the job training enables inexperienced clerks to adapt quickly to the challenges so as to ensure the smooth functioning of the Department. The Principal Personnel Officer assisted by the Senior Personnel Officer ensures that all decisions taken by the Commission are carried out.

Personnel Officers are assigned to a Commissioner who are responsible for a particular region(s). These Personnel Officers therefore processes all teachers matters for their assigned region:

Officer in charge of Department: Lisette Wills, Principal Personnel Office.
Telephone Numbers:(592) 227-6213, (592) 225-3316, (592) 226-2215, (592) 226-9079.


The Registry ensures that there is an efficient Records Management System. The Registry consists of a General Registry and a Dispatch Section..

General Registry

The General Registry performs functions such as filing of teachers corespondence, storing, retrieving & forwarding files to Personnel Officers upon request, and receiving, recording & dispensing correspondence.

Dispatch Section

The Dispatch Section performs functions such as:
Filing all types of correspondence which are considered confidential by the Commission.
Storing and receiving confidential files for the Secretariat staff, Complaints files for Teachers/Lecturers and forwarding same for action upon request.
Acknowledging receipts of the recorded applications submitted for promotion from Teachers who applied in response to the advertisement of vacancies.

Officer in charge of Department: Coretta Thom, Registry Supervisor.
Telephone Number(s): (592) 225-3316, (592) 226-2215, (592) 226-9079.

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